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Job Title: SAP CRM Pricing Analyst
Job Description:
Skill Requirements: • Have a minimum of 3+ years of experience in creating and maintaining pricing designs in an integrated CRM/ECC environment • Strong knowledge of how pricing configuration is created, distributed and maintained in a CRM6/ECC6 back-end environment, including • Strong knowledge of creating pricing configuration in SD and distributing it to CRM • Strong knowledge of techniques to maintain pricing configuration that now exists in both CRM and ECC • Strong knowledge of techniques to create CRM specific pricing configuration to meet CRM process requirements that cannot be met in ECC • Strong knowledge of techniques to influence CRM Sales & CRM Service transactional price values as these transactions are exchanged between ECC and CRM. • Strong knowledge of techniques to port ECC VOFM objects to the CRM / IPC Environment • Working knowledge of CRM Middleware requirements and other SAP interface techniques in exchanging pricing data • Knowledge of standard BADI’s that can be leveraged to meet transactional pricing requirements • Strong knowledge of how price condition master data is created, maintained and distributed/replicated between ECC6 and CRM6, including • Strong knowledge of how to maintain price master data in ECC6 (SD) • Strong knowledge of how to configure and maintain replication scheme of these price conditions between ECC and CRM • Strong knowledge of how to configure/use CRM Web UI to view and maintain price master data conditions • Knowledge of CRM Security techniques to secure price master data by organizational criteria • Working knowledge of configuring CRM pricing in the following business scenarios • CRM Service Contract Processing with Billing Plan and Billing Plan Items • CRM Service Order & Confirmation Process • CRM Complaint Processing • CRM Sales (Returns, Credits, Debits) • Working knowledge of analyzing pricing in CRM Sales & CRM Service Transactions • How to configure CRM system to enable analysis of price calculations • and CRM6 • Knowledge of how to manage pricing requirements in the following specialty areas • Tax Withholding, SARBIX, VAT & Country specific tax scenarios • Implementing Country Versions of India & Brazil Other Requirements: • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills. • Proven experience on a cross-functional project • Work authorization for the US through 2013
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